Project Library


The project library provides an insight in practices of urban policy and urban planning in Luxembourg. Therefore the CIPU describes projects and initiatives in a nutshell that could be interesting for other actors involved in urban policy and planning within the European Union and beyond. The project sheets examine a project or an initiative from the perspective of its rationale for action, its objectives, its timeframe it was realised, the implementation steps, the involved key actors and much more.


Name of the project sheet

 Type of project


  Conclusions of CIPU on Major Urban

  Projects (NEW)

Establishing a planning culture: governance of major urban projects

  Innovation Hub Dudelange (NEW)

A local business incubator for eco-technologies

  ACT – Action Changes Things (NEW)

Co-creation processes in the Kirchberg district in Luxembourg city


Interim use concept to revitalise Esch-sur-Alzette city centre

  Housing Pact 2.0 (NEW)

Renewing a legislative instrument with a national participatory process

  New district 'Belval' in Esch-sur-Alzette


Conversion of an industrial brownfield

 New district 'Elmen' in Kehlen (NEW)

An affordable housing development project

 Circular Economy Guideline (NEW)

A guideline promoting the Circular Economy in Luxembourg's industrial sites

 A commercial observation register for
Luxembourg (NEW)

A tool monitoring the commercial landscape

 Developing 'Porte de Hollerich', City of  Luxembourg (NEW)

Conversion of an industrial area
 New district 'NeiSchmelz' in Dudelange Conversion of an industrial brownfield

 National 'Baulückenprogramm'

Vacant lot mobilisation programme and first pilot in Dudelange


 Conventions of territorial cooperation Instrument enhancing inter-municipal and multilevel cooperation   
 'Baulückenprogramm' of the City of  Luxembourg
Mobilising vacant lots to build affordable housing   
 National fund for housing - Fonds du
 Public agency as residential development company   
  Géoportail Online platform for geographic information    
 Development of housing within the
 'Kirchberg' district, City of
Large-scale housing development in a business district     
 LENOZ - Ministry of Housing A sustainability certification system for residential buildings   
 PAP 'Molter' (Mondercange)  Municipalities issuing specific land-use plans   
 'Nonnewisen - Wunnen am Park' in
 Developing a new urban district
 Master plan 'Wunne mat der Wooltz' in Wiltz  Large-scale industrial conversion project   
 'Am Duerf' - City of Dudelange  A housing development project next to the city centre